10 Steps Revitalize Your Acting Career  (For Levels 4-6 & Working Actors)

10 Steps Revitalize Your Acting Career (For Levels 4-6 & Working Actors)

For the part time pro's and working actors out there - there is still SO MUCH we can do when things get a little slow between auditions.

We have just added this section, so please watch the intro vid, then come back for the detailed videos when it's all a little more robust in a week or two :)

10 Steps Revitalize Your Acting Career  (For Levels 4-6 & Working Actors)
  • 10 Steps To Revitalize Your Acting Career

    Actors who have been in the industry for a while have so much potential to create their own work. But often they don't. Partly because this can feel confronting as much of our work comes through our reps and we are hesitant to take action ourselves, which leads to missing a ton of opportunities...

  • Step 1: Double Check Your Craft

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    The videos in this section will help you figure out how you can be on point for where exactly you want to be in your acting career.

  • Step 2: Reassess Your Marketing Materials

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    This section covers how to review and analyze your headshot, resume, demo reel and online profile to ensure that you only have the best headshots, footage and stuff on your resume. Curate them, make sure they are current and phenomenal.

  • Step 3: Clear Out Your Life

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    The videos in this section will teach you how to clear your life of people, belongings, and subconscious blocks that are preventing great things from coming to you in a fluid and systematic way.

  • Step 4: Double Check Your Ego

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    Sometimes when actors get some credits and start building some degree of success, they no longer think they need to do some fundamental things like networking or self-submitting. However, no actor is too good to do these types of activities and they help actors to grow their careers. Find out how...

  • Step 5: Collate Your Contacts & Reconnect

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    Having a structured way to collect and keep track of your industry contacts is really important and makes it way easier if you need to reconnect. Check out the videos in this section to find out the best way to do this.

  • Step 6: Replicate Past Successes

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    Learn how to do a complete overview of past successful jobs and use that knowledge to guide your way forward.

  • Step 7: Start Pitching Yourself Again

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    How to ensure that you don't get complacent when you are getting lots of auditions from your Agent or Manager. There is a ton of work that you can still proactively go out and pitch yourself on.

  • Step 8: Up Your Networking Game

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    There comes a time when you may feel like you want to stop proactively finding places to network, but networking is so much easier once you have some credits. This section will cover where to go to network along with some helpful tips and tricks.

  • Step 9. Capitalize on Your Bookings

    13 items

  • Step 10: Upgrade Where Needed

    17 items

  • Bonus 1: Build Your Social Media

    15 items

    Building your social media can help you book independent low-budget and short-film projects. This section will show you how to get started with building your social media profiles and different strategies such as the best platforms to use for optimal exposure.

  • Bonus 2: Create Your Own Content

    9 items

    From web series to skits online to short films that you may or may not enter into competitions - these are all ways to create your own content. In this section, we'll explore how becoming a content creator elevates you as an actor, allows you to understand how the acting industry works a little b...