Step 6: Replicate Past Successes

Step 6: Replicate Past Successes

Learn how to do a complete overview of past successful jobs and use that knowledge to guide your way forward.

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Step 6: Replicate Past Successes
  • 6. Assess Past Successes & Replicate

  • How To Analyze Where Each Past Booking Came From

    The power of understanding how and why you book. We explain how you can figure out what are the consistent things that are building your success.

    Step 1: List your bookings.
    Step 2: How did you book? Through an agent, manager, repeat employer?
    Step 3: Identify consistencies
    Step 4: Identify th...

  • Meet With a Filmmaker You Have Previously Worked With

    Maintaining your existing network can be easier and more productive than expanding your network.

    After all, if a filmmaker is enough of a fan to hire you once, and you were cool to work with, aren't they the most likely to hire you again?

  • Why You Need An Audition Tracking Sheet & Booking List

    Get on top of your admin. Tracking your fans in casting and how your feel the audition went, will prove to be an invaluable tool as your career grows.

    1. Track the CD but also associates & assistants
    2. Who is booking you?
    3. Workshop relationship tracking
    5. Capitalizing on this information

  • Analyze Successful Strategies You Have Used In The Past

    All actors have a time in their career where everything is firing on all cylinders.

    Think about what actions led to the various successes in your life and career to find clues as to how to create that success again.

    1. Networking
    2. Personal life
    3. Self Improvement
    4. Casting Workshops