Step 3: Clear Out Your Life

Step 3: Clear Out Your Life

The videos in this section will teach you how to clear your life of people, belongings, and subconscious blocks that are preventing great things from coming to you in a fluid and systematic way.

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Step 3: Clear Out Your Life
  • 3. Clear Out Your Life

  • How To Create More Time In Your Life

    How To Create More Time In Your Life

  • How Can I Improve My Time Management?

    Pete Malicki, Playwright & Creative Career Coach

    What tips do you suggest to improve time management?
    What time management suggestions do you have?
    Any time management suggestions?
    How can I improve my time management skill...

  • Is There A Scheduling Software To Help Me Keep On Top Of My 'To Do' List?

    Kevin E. West, Veteran TV Actor, Consultant, International Education Speaker

    SAS Resources:

    Watch this video on the SAS iPhone App here:

    What scheduling software is out there to help me get organized?

  • THE JOURNEY - Course 3 | Clear Your Subconscious Blocks

    Download & print the class workbook:

    Invisible walls dictate how much we allow ourselves to receive, based on what we convince ourselves we deserve. When we lower our vibration, high-vibration things may struggl...

  • Put All Your Acting Files In One Shareable Folder

    Put All Your Acting Files In One Shareable Folder

  • How to Make A Vision Board

    Vision Board Examples:

    Here are some excellent free and paid sites to create your vision board or any other graphic designs you may need as an actor/producer/creator.

  • Unsubscribe From Everything

    Declutter your life. Start with your INBOX!

  • Clear Out Your Paperwork

    Make room for incredible new energy to flow your way by clearing out and organising your paperwork.

    Steps: Put all your paperwork in one place
    Sort it into four piles - keep, scan, recycle, shred
    Set up a system for organizing the paperwork you will keep
    Keep Pile: Sort this into your filing s...

  • How Can I Maintain A Regular Routine When Auditions & Work Clash?

    with Ayelette Robinson, Actor | Producer | VO | Founder,

    Is it possible to maintain a regular routine when auditions and work stuff up my schedule?
    How do I balance the demands of acting with my life?
    Any tips on how to balance auditions with my regular commit...

  • Systems to Deal With ADD & Procrastination

    Let's talk ADD & procrastination. Speaking from personal experience, this video dives into how you can turn, what can be seen as a negative, into an asset.

    1. Pomodoro
    2. 'To Do List'
    3. Keep it simple
    4. Systems to limit distractions
    5. Limit your notifications
    6. Lean in

  • Consider Making A Dummy IMDB Account