Step 10: Upgrade Where Needed

Step 10: Upgrade Where Needed

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Step 10: Upgrade Where Needed
  • 10. Upgrade Where Needed

  • Intro to Moving to LA

    Get ready to jump into the big pond!

    We take your through our essential hints and tips to moving, surviving & thriving in the dog eat dog world of lalaland. From where to live, to where to drink, and where to meet people - we got you covered with this collection.

  • Intro to Visas

    An Introduction to our section on work visas for the U.S and Canada.

  • Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Representation

    A rock solid relationship with your agent and/or manager is essential. In this video we cover:

    1. Email contact
    2. Audition feedback
    3. Pitch blurbs explained
    4. Stay pro-active
    5. Positive communication

  • Should You Change Agents

  • Ask Your Rep What More You Can Do

  • Is The Energy Of The People Around Me Important To My Success?

    with Forbes Riley, Actor | Host | Producer | Coach
    The Forbes Factor

    Is the energy of the people around me influential on my potential to attract success?
    Should I surround myself with positive people?
    Should I cut negative people from my life?
    How do I get rid of negative e...

  • Assess Whether You Need A Better Self-Tape Reader

    The quality of the reader you use in your self taped auditions is important - look at who you are using and assess whether they are the best reader you can find or simply the most convenient.

    You want someone who will allow you the freedom to do the scene the way you want without any forceful in...

  • I Know What I’m Doing Isn’t Working But I’m Afraid To Take Risks - Help!

    with Tanny Jiraprapasuki, Mindful Coach & Practitioner, Co-Founder of Whole Self Systems

    I know what I’m doing isn’t working but I’m too afraid to take risks. How can I move forward?
    How do I move forward - when I am paralyzed by fear?
    How do I try and move forw...

  • Casting Wants To Change My Hair Colour/Cut! What Should I Do?

    With Shaan Sharma, Storytellers Conservatory, Working Actor, Educator, Casting Pro, & Union Leader

    Casting wants me to change my look but I have conflict with other projects - help!
    Will the commercial contract pay to return my hair to normal after the job?
    Can I...

  • Can My Brand Evolve Or Change Over Time?

    with Ryan Basham, Coach, Trainer & Speaker, Political Analyst & Activist

    Can branding evolve?
    Will my brand change over time?
    Is branding forever?
    Can my marketing identity shift or change?
    Can I be rebranded?
    Can I rebrand at any given time?
    When could my branding change?
    Is ...

  • I Am Going To Leave My Agent, Should I Tell My Manager?

    with Chris Roe, Manager | Director | Producer

    I am firing my agent, should I tell my manager?
    I want to move on from my agent, do I need to consult my manager?
    Why do I need to consult my manager when I leave my agent?
    Why should I have to talk to my manager when l...

  • I Want A New Manager, Can I Stay With My Current Manager While I Actively Look?

    with Chris Roe, Manager | Director | Producer

    I want a new manager, can I stay with my current manager while I actively look?
    I want to move to a new manager, can I stay with my current one while I actively look?
    Can I stay with my current manager while I actively ...

  • If I Have Guest Star Credits Why Am I Still Auditioning For Co-Stars?

    With Ben Whitehair, CIO, TSMA | Founder, Working.Actor | SAG-AFTRA Executive Vice President

    Ben explains that having guest star credits and reading for co-star roles is a strategic decision for you to make with your manager, agents and for yourself.


  • I Want A New Agent, Can I Stay With My Current Agent While Actively Looking?

    with Chris Roe, Manager | Director | Producer

    I want to move to aa new agent, can I stay with my current one while I actively look?
    Can I stay with my current agent while I actively look for another
    Is it wrong for me too look for a new agent while I stay with my o...

  • Co-Star Auditions Are Killing My Love For Acting... Is This Normal?

    Anthony Brandon Wong, Award-Winning Actor & Acting Teacher

    Co-star auditions are getting me down... is this normal?
    I am going for co-stars and feeling negative, help?
    Why am I going out for co-stars - I'm better than this!
    Am I past co-star roles?
    Should I start turning down co-star auditions...

  • I Am Not Happy With My Attorney, Can I Change Mid-case?

    with Elke Osadnik, Actor | US Visa & Career Coach | Recruitment Subject Matter Research

    Can I switch attorneys in the middle of my application?
    Can I change attorneys after getting an RFE?
    Can ...