Bonus 2: Create Your Own Content

Bonus 2: Create Your Own Content

From web series to skits online to short films that you may or may not enter into competitions - these are all ways to create your own content. In this section, we'll explore how becoming a content creator elevates you as an actor, allows you to understand how the acting industry works a little bit better and allows you to connect with filmmakers on a deeper level.

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Bonus 2: Create Your Own Content
  • Bonus 2. Create Your Own Content

  • Crowdfunding for Creatives: Fund your Passion Project & Hire Yourself.

    In this replay of our live workshop, fellow actor and crowdfunding expert, Melissa Center will guide you through the core fundamentals of crowdfunding. You will learn why many projects fail upon launch (and what YOU can do to set yourself up for success). You will walk away knowing whether crowdf...

  • PITCH SUCCESS - Pitch Decks with Sara Elizabeth Timmins

    The DECK is your number one marketing material/door opener for your film.
    Nailing it is key to getting the meeting or getting your script read.
    In this course, we are going to look at several different decks that have been used with great success and explore what to include and the secrets to De...

  • Create Your Own Content With No Money

  • How Can I Make Quality Content Inexpensively?

    with Melissa Center. Actor | Filmmaker | Co-Founder of Whole Self Systems

    Any tips on creating cheap content?
    How do I keep my budget small on my short?
    What can I do to save money on my low budget feature?
    Any tips on creating inexpensive content?
    How do I mak...

  • What Advice Would You Give A Novice Content Creator?

    with Melissa Center. Actor | Filmmaker | Co-Founder of Whole Self Systems

    How do I get started as a content creator?
    What are some tips to getting started as a content creator?
    Where do I start as a content creator?
    What would you tell a novice creator?
    For a ne...

  • Create Your Own Demo Reel Scene

    Instead of a self tape reel, some actors invest money into demo reel companies to create content specific for marketing. This section talks through the pros, cons and value of this marketing tool.

  • Would You Recommend That Actors Produce Projects For Themselves To Act In?

    with Shaked Berenson. Producer | Entreprenuer | Partner, Be Capital Group

    Should actors produce projects for themselves to act in?
    Is there any value in actors producing projects for themselves to act in?
    Do you think there is any point in producing projects...

  • How to Find A Screenwriter Or Scripts to Produce

    Need a writer to collaborate with? Let's discuss some ways to meet and network with them. The goal is to find a writer that is either at the same stage or a little ahead to collaborate with.

    1. Meeting people at Film Festivals
    2. Writer Panels
    3. Learn about
    4. Organizations that fe...