10 Steps To Becoming An Actor (For Levels 1-3 & Freshies)

10 Steps To Becoming An Actor (For Levels 1-3 & Freshies)

There is so much information out there.

If you simply follow these ten clear steps, you will ensure you have the main tools you need to begin your career as an actor in film and TV.

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10 Steps To Becoming An Actor (For Levels 1-3 & Freshies)
  • 10 Steps to Becoming an Actor

    The 10 essential steps you must take at the beginning of your acting career. Get them wrong, you could waste years... This is how to get them right.

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  • Step 1: Learn How To Act

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    Learning the craft of acting is your top priority as an aspiring actor.

    Most of the people you audition opposite have either trained in a degree or a 1-3 year full-time course, or have plenty of experience acting.

    It is vital for you to reach a level where you can consistently perform at a ...

  • Step 2: Get Headshots

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    Headshots are the first thing casting sees and the main decision maker in whether to bring you in for a role.

    They must:
    - Look like you
    - Be quite close on your head and shoulders
    - Bring focus onto your eyes
    - Have even lighting
    - Be professional quality

  • Step 3: Create Online Actor Profiles

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    Online actor profiles are needed for finding your own auditions, and eventually, for your representation to submit you on professional acting roles.


  • Step 4: Build Your Resume

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    Your resume is a vital part of your marketing tool kit. Learn how to go through step by step to format your acting resume and what content and skills to include.

  • Step 5: Collect Footage Of You Acting

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    Footage is really important and to have it curated in the right way is crucial. These days demo reels aren't the only things that are used to share footage. The section covers how to avoid having old, dodgy-looking or low-resolution footage and the rules you need to follow to ensure you have nice...

  • Step 6: Get A Commercial Agent

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    A Commercial Agent is the first and easiest agent to get and is the first step to you being a legitimate actor. In this section, you'll learn how to find the right commercial representation for you.

  • Step 7: Meet Casting Directors, Filmmakers, and Reps

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    Meeting Casting Directors, Filmmakers and Reps in person (and via other channels) is really important since it's possible to book jobs from these interactions. In this section, you will learn how to network effectively and fearlessly and the best places to network.

  • Step 8: Join The Union

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    Joining the Union (SAG-AFTRA for the US and MEAA for Australia) is quite a big and important step in your career. In this section, we'll walk you through the different ways and methods to join the union and how to be proactive to ensure you are eligible to become a member.

    Info on how to join SA...

  • Step 9: Get a Manager You Love

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    Your manager and management is the extension of you who runs your business, so you can focus on being a creative artist. In this section, we'll cover the roles and responsibilities of a manager and how to communicate effectively with your manager so you can get the most out of the partnership.

  • Step 10: Get an Agent You Love

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    Theatrical Agents play a pivotal role in your acting career. Learn how they develop relationships with film & television casting directors, negotiate your contracts and make sure you're getting a good deal.

  • Bonus 1: Build Your Social Media

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    Building your social media can help you book independent low-budget and short-film projects. This section will show you how to get started with building your social media profiles and different strategies such as the best platforms to use for optimal exposure.

  • Bonus 2: Create Your Own Content

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    From web series to skits online to short films that you may or may not enter into competitions - these are all ways to create your own content. In this section, we'll explore how becoming a content creator elevates you as an actor, allows you to understand how the acting industry works a little b...