Networking In Person

Networking In Person

How to network in person at events, film festivals, panels, house parties, and any other place.

Type any question you have about acting, and you'll find the answer you need provided by experts, educators, working actors, and/or SAG-AFTRA board members working in the industry today.

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Networking In Person
  • Intro to Networking in Person

    This sections breakdown how to meet the right people; and communicate effectively and professionally on your journey.

    1. Network Up
    2. Network laterally
    3. Put yourself out there
    4. Focus on long term relationships
    5. Evaluate your current relationships

    Networking Food Chain Seminar:

  • Organize a Movie Night

    We suggest a movie night for a low maintenance networking event.

    1. Tips on inviting the right people
    2. Choosing the right movie
    3. Become a social connector

  • Reach Out To Five Filmmakers for Lunch

  • What To Do When Your Movie's At A Film Festival

    What To Do When Your Movie's At A Film Festival

  • Find Local Actor Friends

    Find Local Actor Friends

  • What Is A Showcase?

    Showcases are an incredible way to proactively get your work seen by industry members.

    While being 'discovered' is a bit of a rare and unlikely event (as few industry members have the power to hand someone a career), a showcase is one of the few places where a casting director, agent, manager, o...

  • How To Maintain Relationships With Casting Directors

    Let's talk maintaining your casting director network. Don't hold back here - they want to maintain a relationship too.

    1. Break through your hesitation
    2. Career updates
    3. Stay top of mind
    4. To postcard or not to postcard
    5. Thank you cards
    6. Social media tips
    7. Reciprocal interest

  • Create A Group Event

  • Invite Up When You Attend Events

    Kym ( shares her strategies on who to invite when you have tickets to something awesome. The 'why' behind this surprising networking opportunity.

    SAS Resources:

    Watch this video on the SAS app instead, here:

  • Meet With An Actor Or Filmmaker Who's Doing Better Than You

    Meet With An Actor Or Filmmaker Who's Doing Better Than You

  • Enter A Monologue Competition Or A Showcase

  • Attend An Industry Panel Q&A & Ask A Question

  • Go To A Play Or Screening To Support An Industry Member

    Here's the link to that video Kym mentioned about 'How To Network at a Film Festival':

  • Offer Yourself As A Reliable Reader

    Offer Yourself As A Reliable Reader

  • Do A Workshop With A Casting Director & Send A Thank You Note

    You don't want to be annoying or high maintenance but there are ways to follow up in respectfully with casting directors. Thank you notes are a great way to do this.

    In this video we talk about

    1. Content of your follow up
    2. Recommended time frames
    3. Real life examples of success

  • Meet With a Filmmaker You Have Previously Worked With

    Maintaining your existing network can be easier and more productive than expanding your network.

    After all, if a filmmaker is enough of a fan to hire you once, and you were cool to work with, aren't they the most likely to hire you again?

  • List The Directors You Have Worked With, & Reconnect

    What if you stayed in touch with the people who already know, love, and have hired you? Aren't they the ones more likely to hire you again?

    In this vid, we cover:
    1. Email marketing
    2. Social Media
    3. Find a reason to reconnect in person

  • How Can I Network With No Money?

    Learn How To Network With No Money...

  • The Networking Food Chain

    With Kym Jackson, Working Actor, Union Delegate, Coach, Author of The Hollywood Survival Guide & Co-Owner of Secret Actor Society

    Who are the most important people in the room when networking?
    Who should I network with?
    Who should ...

  • How to Network at Film Festivals

    Attending a film festival can be overwhelming... especially when you don't have a film screening there or a friend's film to go and see. YOU DO BELONG THERE!

    It's ok to just head along to support the industry and your fellow artists! And it's an incredible way to meet the right people! Here ...

  • Write a List of Film Festivals You Want to Attend

    There is no better place to meet filmmakers than at Film Festivals. Which ones will you go to this year?

    List of Oscar Qualifying Short Film Festivals:

    List of over 9000 Film Festivals around the World

  • What Is A Good Opener Or Conversation Starter At Networking Events?

    with Darren Darnborough, Co-Founder & CEO of | Actor & Filmmaker

    How do I start a conversation at a networking event?
    What are some good openers for network events?
    How do I network?
    How do I start networking?...

  • What's The Best Way To Exchange Contact Info While Networking?

    With Ajarae Coleman, Working Actor, Master Coach, Founder of Acting Resource Guru.

    What is the best way to stay in touch with industry I have just met?
    Should I engage on social media after networking?
    Is it better if they have my details or I have theirs?
    What is the ...

  • How Do I Meet / Network With Up & Coming Directors In Order To Find Auditions?

    With Blair Hickey & Brian Wold, Founders of CastingAbout

    How do I meet new directors?
    Where can I meet up and coming directors?
    Where do I go to meet new filmmakers?
    What are the good film schools to meet directors?
    How can I connect with new filmmakers?
    Any tips on network...