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Welcome Videos

Welcome videos to all of our success path levels :)

Welcome Videos
  • Welcome! From Kym & Andrew

    Welcome to the Secret Actor Society! We are two actors currently working professionally in the film and TV industry. We finally got to the stage where we make our living from acting and it took YEARS. We wish we'd had more guidance on the business side of acting at the start, as we know it wou...

  • Success Path Intro

    This is our structures Secret Actor Society Experience.

    Consider this video your orientation.

    1. How to use it
    2. Pick the right success path for you
    3. What does it include vs. what it does not include
    3. Breakdown of all levels.

  • What is the Secret Actor Society?

    Welcome to the Secret Actor Society!

    SAS Success Path: Look out for an invitation email the day after you join!
    SAS Monthly Members Zoom Schedule: https://secretactorsociety.com/zoom
    Note: Zoom invites are emailed a few days prior to the Zoom.

    SAS Resource Library: https://secretactorsociet...

  • Success Path Level 1

    The focus of this level is CRAFT. When you put yourself out there you want to make the right impression. That's what this level is all about.

    1. Non Union & SAG-AFTRA
    2. Acting craft
    3. Take the pressure off
    4. Dealing with criticism
    5. Importance of community
    6. Business of acting
    7. Action i...

  • Success Path Level 2

  • Success Path Level 3

  • Success Path Level 4

  • Success Path Level 5

  • Success Path Level 6

  • Success Path Level 7

  • Welcome To Level 8!

    This is the level for the top 1000 actors in the industry whose name is known broadly. At this level, you really need private coaching whether that means reinventing or relaunching you or whether it's about navigating this level you are on.

  • Success Path Level 8

    As an A-List actor, your world is pretty unbelievable.

    So why does it often come with an odd feeling of isolation and a need to talk with someone who really understands what you're going through?

    We are here to help with that, starting with this introduction to Level 8 of the Secret Actor Soc...

  • Welcome to Aussie Part-Time Pros!

  • International Freshie Welcome

    This level is for those actors in the first few years of their career. This video will help you build the systems for a successful and long career. It's also a chance to reflect on what you have and what is & isn't working.

  • International Working Actor Welcome

    If you are making a living in your home country, this is the step for you. We will focus on expanding on your strong foundation and looking forward to you foray into bigger international markets.

    This video covers:

    1. How to navigate the action steps
    2. Email communication from SAS
    3. Business...

  • Aussie Working Actor Welcome

    If you are in this section it means you are a working actor and auditioning regularly in the Australian or NZ market. The focus here will be film & TV.

    1. Find your own auditions
    2. Expand and consolidate your existing network
    3. Reflecting on your current materials

  • Welcome to International Part-Time Pros!

    With Kym Jackson, Working Actor, Union Delegate, Coach, Author of The Hollywood Survival Guide & Co-Owner of Secret Actor Society

  • Aussie Freshie Welcome

  • SAS Site Tour for Actors

    Welcome to the Secret Actor Society!