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Watch this video and more on Secret Actor Society

Reassess & Refine Your Headshots

Headshots • 7m 1s

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    Your 'brand' is whatever you want it to be. You're an actor. You can play whatever you like. Especially any 'job type' or vocation you like. Just know that there will be certain physical and energetic boundaries to that.

    For example.... if you're a tiny dude with a high pitched voice, you co...

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    Actors often have a number of different looks featured across their headshots. There is some debate around this so lets talk about it!

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    2. The power of the neutral photo
    3. "Vibe" over characters

    Make your agents job easier!

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    With Kym Jackson, Working Actor, Union Delegate, Coach, Author of The Hollywood Survival Guide & Co-Owner of Secret Actor Society

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