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  • Storytime: The One About Dennis Hopper

    Greg Apps, CGA
    Casting Director | Romper Stomper, Chopper, Mission Impossible 2, Round the Twist
    Teacher | The Audition Technique

  • Storytime: The One About The Famous Actor Who Went Too Far

    Scot Boland, C.S.A
    Casting Director | The Hobbit, Flight, Contact, The Lovely Bones

    Can I touch the casting director?
    Can I hit the casting director in a scene?
    Can I kiss a casting director in a scene?
    How far can I go with physicality in the audition room?
    How much of the physical can I do wi...

  • Storytime: The One About "Charles Manson"

    Scot Boland, C.S.A
    Casting Director | The Hobbit, Flight, Contact, The Lovely Bones

    Should I touch the casting director in an audition?
    Should I do whatever it takes to stand out in an audition?
    Should I go method for a role?
    How method for a role should I go in the audition room?

  • Storytime: The One About The LAPD

    with Sunny Boling, CSA
    CSA Artios Award Winning Casting Director | Waitress & Hello, My Name Is Doris, The Baxters

  • Anya Colloff Storytime: The One About Casting Bad Teacher

    Anya Colloff
    Emmy Winning Casting Director | New Girl, Monk, Weeds

    What is Anya Colloff's favorite casting story?
    Does Anya Colloff have any memorable moments from her casting career?
    What is a great story from Anya Colloff's casting career?
    What did Anya Colloff enjoy casting the most?

  • Storytime: The One About Luck & The West Wing

    Josh Einsohn, CSA
    Casting Director | Love Victor, This Is Us, Community

    What's more important in entertainment - luck or hard work?
    How do I get ahead in entertainment?
    How much does luck factor into an entertainment career?
    Is entertainment about hard work or about luck?

  • Storytime: The One About Casting Eastbound & Down

    Seth Yanklewitz, Casting Director C.S.A
    CSA Artios Winner | The Hangover, New Girl, Eastbound & Down

  • Storytime: The One About Tim Daly

    Ricki Masler, C.S.A
    Casting Director | Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side, Twister, Dahmer

  • Storytime: The One About Why Would You Didn't Book The Role...

    Rachel Sutton, CSA
    Artios Winning Casting Director | Moana, Hawaii 5-O, Magnum P.I

    Why didn't I book the role?
    How does casting choose an actor for a TV show?
    Casting loves my audition - why didn't I book?
    Why did that actor book over me?
    How did I lose out to that actor?
    The actor that got the ...

  • Storytime: The One About Fourth Grade

    with Carmen Aiello, Casting Director & Producer | Excision, Gunshot Straight & Corbin Nash

  • Storytime: The One About Making Relationships

    Kahleen Crawford, Casting Director
    CDGA Winning Casting Director | Outlaw/King; I, Daniel Blake

    Should I go in for a small role?
    Why am I auditioning for small roles?
    Is it worth auditioning for small roles?
    Are small roles a waste of time?
    Why am I still auditioning for small roles?
    Why is my ...

  • Storytime: The One About Over Learning Your Audition

    Kahleen Crawford, Casting Director
    CDGA Winning Casting Director (Outlaw/King; I, Daniel Blake)

    Can I overlearn an audition?
    Can I be too prepared for an audition?
    How prepared should I be for an audition?
    How well should I know the lines?
    How locked in to my choices should I be at an audition?

  • Storytime: The One About The Actor Who Didn't Have to Audition

    with Lisa Zambetti, CSA
    Artios Nominated Casting Director | Criminal Minds

    If I don't get the role, is it because I was bad?
    Why didn't I get the role?
    Have I blown it with casting if I didn't book the first time?
    Does casting remember actors that audition?
    Will casting remember me if I don't bo...

  • Storytime: The One About Nancy Giles

    John Frank Levey, Casting Director C.S.A
    Emmy Winner | E.R., The West Wing, Shameless

  • Storytime: The One About Aaron Sorkin

    with Bonnie Zane, CSA
    Emmy Nominated Casting Director | Suits, Mad About You

  • Storytime: The One About Rob Lowe, Tom Cruise & Johnny Depp

    Victoria Burrows, Casting Director C.S.A
    King Kong, The Lovely Bones, the Lord of the Rings trilogy

    Who Victoria Burrows cast in her career?
    Does Victoria Burrows have any funny stories from her career?
    What famous people has Victoria Burrows launched in her career?

  • Storytime: The One About Casting Will Arnett

    Deborah Barylski, Casting Director C.S.A

    Deb Barylski is available for online coaching. She works on a sliding scale/pay what you can basis.(Perhaps a suggested minimum is US$50/50 minutes?) She can be reached at [email protected]

  • Storytime: The One About The Whole Self System Client

    with Tanny Jiraprapasuki, Mindful Coach & Practitioner, Co-Founder of Whole Self Systems

  • Storytime: The One About The Joy Of The Career

    Kerry Barden, Casting Director C.S.A
    Emmy nominated Casting Director (The Help, Spotlight, Dallas Buyers Club)

  • Storytime: The One About The Client

    with Chris Roe, Manager | Director | Producer

  • Storytime: The One About The Boy From Iowa

    with Chris Roe, Manager | Director | Producer

  • Storytime: The One About Scooter Braun & Kanye

    With Ryan Walker, CEO, TSMA Consulting

    Work with TSMA Consulting & use code 'SAS' for $10 off

    How important is Instagram?
    Why is Instagram so important?
    Should I put more effort into my instagram?
    Can I lose a job over a bad instagram?

  • Storytime: The One About Shooting In Cantonese

    Anthony Brandon Wong, Award-Winning Actor & Acting Teacher

    Should I learn Cantonese for my acting career?
    How do I master cantonese for acting?
    Is cantonese hard to learn?
    Should I stress about second languages as an actor?
    Can I ever master another language as an actor?