Resources & Guides

Resources & Guides

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1. Ebook: The Hollywood Survival Guide
Password: SecretActorSociety

2. Acting Resume Template

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Resources & Guides
  • What Are SAS Member Zooms?

    A handy link to our upcoming Zoom coaching call schedules:

    What can I ask on the Zoom?
    Anything! Anything at all - career advice, performance advice, life advice, financial advice. Anything!
    We are here for you and our goal is to ensure you have the kno...

  • 10-Steps-To-Becoming-An-Actor.pdf

    3.02 MB

    .pdf handout to accompany video "10 Steps To Becoming An Actor"

  • 10-Steps-To-Revitalize-Your-Acting-Career.pdf

    3.01 MB

  • SAS Theatrical Resume - Template

    117 KB

    Yes, this is based on my resume... so please do make sure you change the info! ;)

    This file is a .pdf , so it can't be edited...

    Here are the editable versions of the file:

    MS Word (in Google Drive):
    (for downloadi...

  • SAS-Social-Media-Following-Castability-Impact.jpg

    288 KB

    An approximation of the impact a social media following might have on an actors castability depending on the budget range of a project.

    This is more a "oh they have a strong social" than "hey let's give them a role"

  • SAS Representation Meeting Prep Guide

    3.37 MB

    How to Prepare For a Meeting With Film & TV Representation

    A .pdf guide to nailing your meetings with agents and managers.

  • SAS Goal Setting Worksheet.jpg

    1.97 MB

    A simple yet effective way to plan out your goals.

    We recommend revisiting this every 2 - 3 months to ensure you are making progress.

    It can also be effective to pin this up somewhere you can see it every day - like on a bathroom mirror or wall.

  • Intro to our Resources and Guides

    SAS Resource Library:
    Current Password: gladiator

    (note: this password changes at inconsistent intervals)