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Watch this video and more on Secret Actor Society

Watch this video and more on Secret Actor Society

Drop Your Commission Check To Your Representation In Person

Film & TV Representation • 2m 40s

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  • Strengthen Your Relationship With You...

    A rock solid relationship with your agent and/or manager is essential. In this video we cover:

    1. Email contact
    2. Audition feedback
    3. Pitch blurbs explained
    4. Stay pro-active
    5. Positive communication

  • Why Does My Rep Submit Me For Roles I...

    Let's unpack why we sometimes receive those auditions that come in and leave us thinking... this character is NOT me.

    In this video, we examine:

    - the importance of looking like your headshot
    - communicating your essence correctly in your marketing materials
    - knowing your representative's ass...

  • How Can I Show My Agent of Manager I ...

    w/ Ryan Basham, Award Winning Producer, Master Coach, & Branding Expert

    How do I demonstrate my range to my agent?
    How can I prove my acting chops to my manager?
    How do I brand my age range to my reps?
    What can I do to define my age range with my agent and managers...