The SAS Journey - NEW

The SAS Journey - NEW

Our Flagship Class Curriculum
10 Courses To Build your Career Acting In Film & TV

LEVEL 1 | How The Filmmaking Industry Works
~ Master the Business Of Hollywood ~

LEVEL 2 (PART 1) | Marketing Materials That Get You Auditions
~ Essence Based Branding That Sells ~

LEVEL 2 (PART 2) | How To Build a Professional Acting Reel
~ Build an Acting Reel That Gets You Auditions ~

LEVEL 3 | Clear Your Subconscious Blocks and Thrive
~ Master Your Mindset ~

LEVEL 4 | Sign With an Agent & Manager You Love
~ Get Great Representation ~

LEVEL 5 | Audition Mastery
~ Audition Techniques That Book ~

LEVEL 6 | Network Your Way To Work
~ Build Strong Industry Relationships ~

LEVEL 7 | Strategies To Nail Your Bookings and Get Rehired
~ On Set Protocols ~

LEVEL 8 | Master Social Media, Branding, Press, & Publicity
~ Create A Celebrity Brand ~

LEVEL 9 | How To Create Your Own Content
~ Creating Content To Keep Your Power ~

LEVEL 10 | Relocating To Los Angeles
~ Steps To Make The Move ~

The SAS Journey - NEW
  • THE JOURNEY - Course 1 | How The Film Industry Works

    Course 1 of the Secret Actor Society Journey - How The Film Industry Works.

    We cover:
    1. The various types of work available in the industry
    2. How films are made and cast, and the role of each person in the process
    3. Film Distribution (how films make money)
    4. Behind the curtain of how the ...

  • THE JOURNEY - Course 2A | Marketing Materials That Get You Auditions

    As the first point of contact with filmmakers and casting directors, your marketing materials are an extension of yourself and an indication of your level of professionalism. Get clear knowledge on how to make your entire acting toolkit match that of any top-working actor in the industry.

    We wi...

  • THE JOURNEY - Course 2B | How To Build A Professional Acting Reel

    In Course 2B of the SAS Journey, Learn the specific parameters of building an industry standard acting reel and the small tweaks you can make to your existing reel to ensure you present yourself as a performer to be taken seriously.

    What is an acting reel?
    The different types of reels
    Who watche...

  • THE JOURNEY - Course 3 | Clear Your Subconscious Blocks

    Download & print the class workbook:

    Invisible walls dictate how much we allow ourselves to receive, based on what we convince ourselves we deserve. When we lower our vibration, high-vibration things may struggl...

  • THE JOURNEY - Course 4 | Sign With an Agent & Manager You Love

    A great agent and manager use their connections and fight to create opportunities for us. This course guides you step by step through the proven ways to find and sign with reps who have the experience and network to get you work.

    *We recommend completing Level 2 prior to taking this level.


  • THE JOURNEY - Course 5 | Audition Mastery

    Course 5 of the Secret Actor Society Journey covers how to effectively:
    - Break down a script
    - Become a character
    - Learn lines
    - Build your self-tape setup
    - Shoot a self-tape that stands out
    - Edit your audition in a way that ensures it is completely professional - all on your cell phone.


  • THE JOURNEY - Course 6 | Network Your Way To Work (Even For Introverts!)

    Course 6 of the Secret Actor Society Journey

    Your network is your pathway to opportunities. Networking can feel overwhelming, and this course will ensure that even the most introverted actor feels comfortable meeting new people. Learn where, how, and with whom to network to ensure your time is...

  • How to Network at Film Festivals

    Attending a film festival can be overwhelming... especially when you don't have a film screening there or a friend's film to go and see. YOU DO BELONG THERE!

    It's ok to just head along to support the industry and your fellow artists! And it's an incredible way to meet the right people! Here ...

  • THE JOURNEY - Course 7 | On Set Protocols & Strategies

    Many gigs throughout your career will come through recommendations from people with whom you have previously worked. Learn the unspoken rules on set, what to expect, and how to behave in a professional manner. We also share strategies to ensure you make a great impression and will more likely b...

  • THE JOURNEY - Course 8 | Social Media, Press & Your Public Image

    How to put together your public profiles, branding, and social media to ensure you grow and nurture a following and public image that brands, networks and studios are eager to align with. This class also covers working with publicists and appropriate strategies to gain your own publicity for pro...

  • THE JOURNEY: Course 10, Part 2 | Understanding the O-1B visa with Elke Osadnik

    Understanding the O-1B visa with Elke Osadnik
    To Watch On the SAS App, visit:

    Connect with Elke here:

    The 0-1B Visa application process involves a months, and sometimes years-long p...