How To Use Secret Actor Society

How To Use Secret Actor Society

Instructions and information on how to use the Secret Actor Society Website.

Type any question you have about acting, and you'll find the answer you need provided by experts, educators, working actors, and/or SAG-AFTRA board members working in the industry today.

Please email [email protected] with any question that has not been answered and we will add the answer ASAP.

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How To Use Secret Actor Society
  • Welcome to the Secret Actor Society!

    What is Secret Actor Society?
    Who is Secret Actor Society for?
    Why Secret Actor Society?
    Why should actors join Secret Actor Society?
    Is Secret Actor Society for me?
    How can Secret Actor Society help me?
    How will Secret Actor Society help actors?
    What information will I find on Secret Actor Socie...

  • Success Path Intro

    This is our structures Secret Actor Society Experience.

    Consider this video your orientation.

    1. How to use it
    2. Pick the right success path for you
    3. What does it include vs. what it does not include
    3. Breakdown of all levels.

  • Welcome! From Kym & Andrew

    Welcome to the Secret Actor Society! We are two actors currently working professionally in the film and TV industry. We finally got to the stage where we make our living from acting and it took YEARS. We wish we'd had more guidance on the business side of acting at the start, as we know it wou...

  • What is the Secret Actor Society?

    Welcome to the Secret Actor Society!

    SAS Success Path: Look out for an invitation email the day after you join!
    SAS Monthly Members Zoom Schedule:
    Note: Zoom invites are emailed a few days prior to the Zoom.

    SAS Resource Library: https://secretactorsociet...