How The Casting Process Works

How The Casting Process Works

There are many people involved and many systems implemented at every stage of the casting process. The more we understand about the way the system works, the more effectively we can find ways to benefit from and navigate it.

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How The Casting Process Works
  • Intro to How the Casting Process Works

    Let's talk all the players involved that have a say over whether you get a role or not.

    1. Attachments
    2. Offer Out
    3. Discovering Talent
    4. Breakdowns
    5. Marketing Materials
    6. Roles Within the Casting Process

  • How Do Casting Directors See The Submissions On Breakdown Services?

    With Blair Hickey & Brian Wold, Founders of CastingAbout

    How will casting see my submission?
    What is the display for casting perusing breakdowns?
    On Breakdown Services, how will submission appear for casting directors?
    How will submissions be viewed by casting directors?

  • How Do You Select Which Actors To Audition?

    with Meg Morman, CSA
    CSA Artios Award Winning Casting Director
    Waitress | Hello, My Name Is Davis

    How do you select actors?
    What makes you choose an actor to audition?
    What inspires you to pick an actor to come in for an audition?
    How do I choose who self tapes for a role?
    What's the process of ...

  • What Is The Process Of Casting A Film, From Start To Finish?

    with Faith Martin, Casting Director | Facilitator "The Breakthrough Experience" & "The Demartini Method"

    How do you cast a movie?
    How do you go about casting a movie?
    What is the step by step process of casting?
    What is the process of casting from start to finish?
    How do you cast a project?

  • What Is The Process For Actor Approval On Episodic TV?

    Kate Dennis
    Film Director | The Handmaid’s Tale, Run, Offspring, Turn, Glow

    Who approves final casting for a one off TV episode?
    What is the process after being shortlisted?
    Who has the final say on a guest casting?

  • What Is Your Process When Working With International Casting Directors?

    Anya Colloff
    Emmy Winning Casting Director | New Girl, Monk, Weeds

    Who is in charge of global search castings?
    Does Anya only see shortlisted actors from international CDs?
    Does Anya see all choices from international territories?
    How many actors will Anya see from o/s countries when doing a glo...

  • What Are The Roles & Duties Of The Various Casting Positions In Your Office?

    John Frank Levey, Casting Director C.S.A
    Emmy Winner | ER, The West Wing, Shameless

  • What Is The Difference Between A Submission & A Pitch?

    Understand the key differences is how your agent and managers submit your for roles. Submitting online is a click of a button but a pitch is a more involved and purposeful way that your rep agent and manager can represent you.