Expert Introductions

Expert Introductions

All of our experts introduction videos in one place so you can get to know us all one by one!

We ALWAYS recommend Googling and IMDBpro-ing anyone you are listening to for advice in the industry.

We stand by the current industry experience that our experts have and want you to know for yourself that you are taking advice from the right people...

Type any question you have about acting, and you'll find the answer you need provided by experts, educators, working actors, and/or SAG-AFTRA board members working in the industry today.

Please email [email protected] with any question that has not been answered and we will add the answer ASAP.

Type any question you have about acting, and you'll find the answer you need provided by experts, educators, working actors, and/or SAG-AFTRA board members working in the industry today.

Please email [email protected] with any question that has not been answered and we will add the answer ASAP.

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Expert Introductions
  • Welcome! From Kym & Andrew

    Welcome to the Secret Actor Society! We are two actors currently working professionally in the film and TV industry. We finally got to the stage where we make our living from acting and it took YEARS. We wish we'd had more guidance on the business side of acting at the start, as we know it wou...

  • Meet Ajarae Coleman: Actor & Master Coach

    With Ajarae Coleman, Working Actor, Master Coach, Founder of Acting Resource Guru.

    Who is Ajarae Coleman?
    What is Acting Resource Guru?

  • Meet Amy Walker: Actor & Founder of

    with Amy Walker, Working Actor | Founder, CEO of

    Who is Amy Walker?
    What is 22 Accents?
    What does Amy Walker do?

  • Meet Anthony Brandon Wong: Award-Winning Actor & Acting Teacher

    with Anthony Brandon Wong, Award-Winning Actor | Acting Teacher

    Who is Anthony Brandon Wong?
    What are Anthony Brandon Wong's credits?

  • Meet Ayelette Robinson: Actor, Producer & Voice Over Artist

    with Ayelette Robinson, Actor | Producer | VO | Founder,

    Who is Ayelette Robinson?
    What does Ayelette Robinson do?
    What is ActorsGuru?
    Does Ayelette Robinson own ActorsGuru?

  • Meet Ben Whitehair & Ryan Walker from TSMA Consulting

    With Ben Whitehair, CIO, TSMA | Founder, Working.Actor | SAG-AFTRA Executive Vice President

    With Ryan Walker, CEO, TSMA Consulting

    Ben & Ryan introduce themselves and their business and explain how they can be of help to actors an...

  • Meet Bonnie J Wallace: Author, Podcast, Producer & Consultant

    Bonnie J Wallace, author, podcast producer & consultant

    Who is Bonnie J Wallace?
    Who is Bonnie Wallace?
    What does Bonnie J Wallace do?
    What is Bonnie J Wallace an expert in?
    What can Bonnie J Wallace teach me?
    What industry is Bonnie J Wallace from?
    What is Bonnie J Wallac...

  • Meet Brian Wold & Blair Hickey: Founders Of Casting About

    With Blair Hickey & Brian Wold, Founders of CastingAbout

    Who is Blair Hickey?
    Who is Brian Wold?
    What is Casting About?
    Can you tell me what Casting About is all about?
    What does Casting About do?
    Should I Join Casting About?

  • Meet Darren Darnborough: Actor & Producer

    with Darren Darnborough, Co-Founder & CEO of | Actor & Filmmaker

    What is We Audition?
    Who is Darren Darnborough?

  • Meet David H. Lawrence XVII: Actor & Coach

    with David H. Lawrence XVII, Actor, storytelling coach, technologist | | Rehearsal® Pro

    Who is David H. Lawrence?
    What is Vo Heroes?
    What is rehearsal pro?
    Where can I learn about vo acting?
    How can I be better at voice over?

  • Meet Dylan Mooney: actor, producer & CEO of Actor Trade

    Dylan Mooney | Actor, Producer & CEO of Actor Trade

  • Meet Forbes Riley: Actor, Host, Producer & Coach

    with Forbes Riley, Actor | Host | Producer | Coach
    The Forbes Factor

    Who is Forbes Riley?
    What does Forbes Riley do?
    Who is Forbes Factor?

  • Meet Jess Orcsik: Performer, Producer & Business Coach

    with Jess Orcsik Working Performer | Producer | Business Coach | Founder of The American Film and Television Academy

    Who is Jess Orcsik?
    What does Jess Orcsik do?
    What is Jess Orcsik's background?
    What is AAFTA?
    Who started AAFTA?
    What does Jessic Orcsiki specialize in?

  • Meet Karen Workman: Mother Of Actors & Life Coach

    with Karen Workman, Mother of Actors, Life Coach, Author of 'Baby Steps To Hollywood'

    Who is Karen Workman?
    What does Karen Workman do?
    What is Karen workman's expertise?
    How do I steer my child to an acting career?

  • Meet Kevin E. West: Actor, Consultant & International Education Speaker

    Kevin E. West, Veteran TV Actor, Consultant, International Education Speaker

    Kevin introduces himself and gives a brief summary of his acting career, experience and the book he has written.

    SAS Resources:

  • Meet Kym Jackson: Actor, Author & CEO Secret Actor Society

    With Kym Jackson, Working Actor, Union Delegate, Coach, Author of The Hollywood Survival Guide & Co-Owner of Secret Actor Society

    Who is Kym Jackson?
    What does Kym Jackson do?
    Does Kym Jackson own SAS?
    What has Kym Jackson done?

  • Meet Melissa Center: Actor, Filmmaker & Co-Founder of Whole Self Systems

    with Melissa Center. Actor | Filmmaker | Co-Founder of Whole Self Systems

    Who is Melissa Center?
    Who's Melissa Center?
    What does Melissa Center do?
    What is Melissa Center's role in entertainment?
    What jobs does Melissa Center do?
    What's Melissa Center's role in ...

  • Meet Pete Malicki: Playwright & Creative Career Coach

    Pete Malicki, Playwright & Creative Career Coach

    Who is Pete Malicki?
    What does Peter Malicki do?
    What is Pete Malicki an expert on?
    What information does Pete Malicki have for me?
    What does Pete Malicki do in entertainment...

  • Meet Ryan Basham: An Introduction To Branding

    with Ryan Basham, Coach, Trainer & Speaker, Political Analyst & Activist

    What is Branding?
    Learning about the importance of branding for an actor.
    What is the relationship between Actors and Branding?
    How do I brand myself?
    Can I brand myself?
    Who is Ryan Basham?
    What is Ryan ...

  • Meet Shaan Sharma: Actor, Educator, Casting Professional & Union Leader

    With Shaan Sharma, Storytellers Conservatory, Working Actor, Educator, Casting Pro, & Union Leader

    Who is Shaan Sharma?
    What is the storytellers conservatory?
    What does Shaan Sharma do for a living?
    Where can I learn about commercial acting?
    how can I be better p...

  • Meet Shaked Berenson: Film Producer & Entrepreneur

    with Shaked Berenson. Producer | Entreprenuer | Partner, Be Capital Group

    Who is Shaked Berenson?
    What is Shaked Berenson's background?
    What does Shaked Berenson do?
    What does Shaked Berenson's expertise?