Acting Craft - General

Acting Craft - General

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Acting Craft - General
  • How to Play A Small Role Like A Pro

    Learn to walk that fine line between honoring the function of your role and still building a character.

    We discuss:
    1. Your 'easy day'
    2. Creating a fully built character when auditioning for co-stars
    3. The before moment

  • Should I Do To A Full-Time Acting Course Or Start My Career?

    What's best for you? A full time course (2-3 years 4-5 days per week) or jump straight into your career with weekly classes to hone your craft.

    We think this (link below) is a fantastic list of the top 20 acting full time courses worldwide.
    Note: The Actors Studio is highly regarded but not ...

  • Why Do Some A-List Actors Not Have Training

  • How To Tap Into Your Imagination

    Your creativity is the cornerstone of your career. In this video, we discuss some strategies that will help you to open yourself up and live in your most imaginative state.

    1. Obstacles to your creativity
    2. How to stimulate your artistry
    3. Improvisation can set you free
    4. Bringing the given ...

  • How To Get Into Character For A Role

    How To Get Into Character For A Role

  • Talk To Your Acting Teacher For A Progress Report

  • Why Coaching Before Big Auditions Matters

    Auditioning is an art form of its own, with no special effects, props, sets, or other actors in the scene with us.

    There are so many tweaks that can be made to build the moments and the world, and improve each performance to draw the viewer in.

    Having a trained, fresh set of eyes on the perfo...

  • The Importance Of Getting Off-Book Immediately

    We all know we should learn our lines as soon as we can... but why? Do casting directors really expect us to know them all? This video explores the reasons beyond just 'knowing the words'.

  • Why Working Actors Need To Be In Class

    Often, when you've been working for a long time, it can feel as though every self tape and every project you shoot is an acting class in itself...

    Even so, it is vital to ensure you are consistently honing your craft in a learning environment amongst peers at the same level of experience as you...

  • How Often Should I Practice Memorization As An Actor?

    with Kevin E. West, Veteran TV Actor, Consultant, International Education Speaker |

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